Earn $745,00/per month watching videos! | Make Money Online

Earn $745,00/per month watching videos! | Make Money Online

Watch videos and earn up to 💰 $745,00 per month watching videos.

You want to earn more? Try play video games and collect more money to your salary from this website.

In this video I want only to show how this program work.

Let me know in comments what do you think abut this website.

Link to the website (referral link):

Zareklamy - dashboard view
Zareklamy – dashboard view

📽 Video Timeline:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:56 How to create account to start earning watching videos and playing the games?
  • 02:17 How looks dashboard in Zareklamy?
  • 02:53 How to configure your account before you will start?
  • 03:34 What earning option we have?
  • 04:20 What to do if you do not see earn buttons?
  • 06:24 How to earn money playing the games (phone, tablet)?
  • 08:46 How to earn money fill out surveys?
  • 09:17 How to earn money on online shopping?
  • 09:52 How to earn money watching videos?
  • 11:15 Challenge: Watching videos in 30min! How many I earned?
  • 12:22 How many you can earn per month watching videos?
  • 15:05 How to referral people to earn additional money?
  • 15:43 Outro

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