Free Arrano Tokens | Scratch Cards And Earn Money

Free Arrano Tokens | Scratch Cards And Earn Money

Arrano Network run new option to get free money/tokens – Arrano Scratch Cards. Login every day to Arrano Network page and scratch the scratch card to rewards some prize!

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Link to video where I explain how to get free 100 ANO tokens (Airdrop Free 100 Token ANO):

? Timeline

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:38 Airdrop Free 100 Token ANO (Arrano)
  • 1:16 How to check what rewards methods are active in Arrano Network?
  • 1:55 How to check Arrano timeline?
  • 2:20 How to earn money on scratch Arrano cards? (up to 50 ANO)
  • 4:35 How to scratch Arrano Cards to get rewards?
  • 6:00 Weekly rewards report – 06:55 Outro

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