Revolut promotion is back!

Revolut promotion is back!

Revolut back with his promotion – create an account and grab 25 PLN for free!

Open Revolut Account

From Zero To Millionaire readers can get for free 200 PLN on Revolut using the promo code ‘krzyszb5x!APR2-23-AR‘! All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up with referral link (button below)
  2. Add money to your account
  3. Order a physical card
  4. Make 3 purchase od 15 PLN minimum

Promotion is limited by time (is on/off by Revolut). You can check it always on Revolut website.

Only 16 days left

Details Revolut promotion

What to need to do to grab bonus from Revolut?

  • Create using this link
  • Verify and top up your account
  • Order free card
  • Make transaction .in shop
  • Enjoy bonus

Detailed regulations are available on the Revolut card issuer’s website.

What Rovolut does give?

  • FREE card
  • FREE account keeping
  • FREE currency exchange
  • FREE ATM withdrawal

Are you redy for Revolut? Click here to create account.

How to earn on the blog? Part #1 Adsense

If you want to know how to earn money on a blog, so you come in the right place. You find here information about how it works.

This is the first article from this series.

First, what do you need to know!

First, what do you need to know is what earning model working.

Content -> Traffic -> Monetization

Basic of every blog is publish content if you have empty blog nobody will want to see your blog and nobody will want to buy ads on your page. So you need to start to create content to go to forward.

The second thing is the traffic. If you have content and this content has value for people they start reading and sharing your articles giving you better traffic on your page.

Most of your traffic will be coming from:

  • search engines
  • social sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • newsletter

Monetization your traffic – is one the last step because here your traffic is changed in money.

How to change traffic to money? There are many ways – we will describe a few.

Remember not always described by us methods will be work with your blog – implement one method on your blog and test it. If this method doesn’t work remove it and implement another, if this method working you can leave in on your page.

You can always implement more than one method on the page but remember to not overdo it because you will lose your readers.

What is AdSense and how to earn money with AdSense?

Adsense is a system prepared by Google to connect Advertisers and Publishers.

In this program you need only put the code on your page and Google will find for you persons who want to pay for ads on your page.

Basic model earns money in this system is CPM and CPP.

  • CPM – Cost Per Mille.
  • CPC – Cost Per Click.

How to create an account in Google Adsense?

Go to Adsense page and click the button “Get started”.

Google Adsense – how to create account?

Supplement all required fields in the signup form.

How to implement Google Adsense code on page?

When we have created an account we can configure auto ads for our blog.

  • Login to your Google AdSense account
  • Go to Ads -> Auto Ads
  • Click button “Setup Auto Ads”
Google Adsense – how to configure auto ads?

Copy and paste this code in between of your site. It’s the same code for all your pages. You don’t need to change it even if you change your global settings.

Google Adsense – how to configure auto ads?

To paste this in your blog you don’t need special programming skills. You can use a plugin to do this by you.

For this case, we will recommend you plugin called “Insert Headers and Footers” witch giving you option to paste code between TAG.

How to install plugin “Insert Headers and Footers”?

When you install and activate the plugin, you need to go to the Settings -> Insert Headers and Footers. Your code from AdSense paste to top texture called “Scripts in Header”. Don’t forgot click “Save” button.

How to install plugin “Insert Headers and Footers”?

Now you need back to Adsense page and finish the configuration and specifically select what types of ads you want to be displayed on your blog page.

Google Adsense – how to configure auto ads?
Google Adsense – how to configure auto ads?

Finish. Your ads now will be automatically displayed on your blog page.

How to pay out money from Google Adsense?

First, you need to login to your Adsense account and go to the section “Payments” and add you payments method.

How to pay out money from Google Adsense?

Now, when you reach the minimum threshold for withdrawal, your money will be paid to the account you provided in the payment settings.

How to pay out money from Google Adsense?


CoinDeal is marked created by three experienced traders: Adama Bicza, Filipa Dzierżaka and Kajetana Maćkowiaka.

To create an account on CoinDeal market click here.

Thanks to its results of up to USD 23,000,000 a day, the platform joined the top stock exchanges in the world according to the Coinmarketcap ranking.

Why CoinDeal?

  • They have a lot of cryptocurrency pairs to trade,
  • Is easy to use,

Affiliate system

CoinDeal has a good affiliate system who will give you a 20% commission from a person who registers from your link (detail how it’s working you find on CoinDeal page).

To create an account on CoinDeal market click here.

BitBay – earn on trading in cryptocurrency

What is BitBay? BitBay is a cryptocurrency market where we can trade cryptocurrency.

How to create an account on BitBay?

To register on this market you can use this link.

How to create an account on BitBay?

How to log in at BitBay?

How to log in at BitBay?

How to verify account at BitBay?

How to verify account at BitBay?

More official movies in on BitBay Youtube Channel.

What gives you BitBay?

  • You can fast buy Bitcoin by money transfer,
  • You can withdraw money from BitBay in ATM,
  • You can pay for your bills,
  • You can send earned cryptocurrency (e.g. Futurenet, CryptoTab) to BitBay wallet and sell this.
  • You can trade a lot of cryptocurrency pairs.

Why good to trade on this market?

If you trade with head and you know the risk of trading, you can multiply you capitally what you put in this market.

Good plus of this market is he has a lot of cryptocurrency pair giving you opportunity trade on many interesting cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate program

BitBay has an affiliate program to reward You when you recommended this market another person.

When you created an account you need only go to the affiliate section to get your referral link and you can start grab commision from your referrals.

Commision at the moment is 20% (details about an affiliates program you can find on BitBay page).

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