Ending support Monero cryptocurrency on Bitbay!

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The cryptocurrency market “Bitbay” announcing about the end of market trading support for Monero (XMR) will take place on 19.02.2020.

At the end of transaction support, XMR orders (buy / sell) requested before the end of the transaction will be canceled.

On 29.11.2019 we will end accepting deposits in XMR. All Monero holders are asked to withdraw by 20.05.2020 at the latest. In addition, due to the XMR network fork taking place on 30.11.2019, XMR withdrawals will be blocked from 29.11.2019 to around 5.12.2019.

Timeline for end of transaction support

  • 29.11.2019 – End of XMR deposits support and XMR withdrawals for the time of the XMR network
  • 19.02.2020 – End of trading XMR support and orders cancelation.
  • 20.05.2020 – Deadline for XMR withdrawals

BitBay – earn on trading in cryptocurrency

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What is BitBay? BitBay is a cryptocurrency market where we can trade cryptocurrency.

How to create an account on BitBay?

To register on this market you can use this link.

How to create an account on BitBay?

How to log in at BitBay?

How to log in at BitBay?

How to verify account at BitBay?

How to verify account at BitBay?

More official movies in on BitBay Youtube Channel.

What gives you BitBay?

  • You can fast buy Bitcoin by money transfer,
  • You can withdraw money from BitBay in ATM,
  • You can pay for your bills,
  • You can send earned cryptocurrency (e.g. Futurenet, CryptoTab) to BitBay wallet and sell this.
  • You can trade a lot of cryptocurrency pairs.

Why good to trade on this market?

If you trade with head and you know the risk of trading, you can multiply you capitally what you put in this market.

Good plus of this market is he has a lot of cryptocurrency pair giving you opportunity trade on many interesting cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate program

BitBay has an affiliate program to reward You when you recommended this market another person.

When you created an account you need only go to the affiliate section to get your referral link and you can start grab commision from your referrals.

Commision at the moment is 20% (details about an affiliates program you can find on BitBay page).

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