Letyshops payment proof

I earned minimal value from cashback in Letyshops company to payout money from this program and I wanted to share with you experience how it worked. Yes, it is works and they payout money what you get from cashback.

Letyshops payment proof

What is Letyshops?

Letyshops is company what collect in one place a lot of online shop where we ever day buy some stuff. This collaboration is not for free because this companies pay Letyshops commisions from our orders and company Letyshops share (some % of this commision) with us this commision to thank us for make orders, used links from Letyshops page.

How to earn on Letyshops?

Here is two option at the moment:

  • First option is go to online store from Letyshops links to make order. When you make it you get cashback (commission) from your order.
  • Second option is referred friend to this program and earn some commission and some bonus when someone created account from your link. So If you wanna support me you can use my referral link: https://www.from-zero-to-millionaire.com/go/link-letyshops-bonus/

How to make payout from Letyshops?

If you collect minimum value to payout (in Poland it is 20,00 PLN) you can request for a payout your money and it is very easy to do this.

Go to Letyshops and login to your account.

Click on your avatar to see menu.

How to make payout from Letyshops?

Next click Withdraw funds.

How to make payout from Letyshops?

From this place you can choose option to withdraw money.

For Poland it is PayPal, Single Euro Payments Area and Bank Transfer – for your countr here ou can see other options to withdraw money from Letyshops.

I choose Bank Trransfer so I click on Bank Transfer button.

How to make payout from Letyshops?

Next step is type you Bank Transfer data:

  • Bank account number
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Total to payout
How to make payout from Letyshops?

Last step is click button Withdraw funds and that’s it, very simple.

Letyshops payment proof

I requested my payout: 05.03.2021 6:52 pm and money was on my Bank Account was 10.03.2021.

Below screenshot from my Bank and money from this company.

Letyshops payment proof

Link to this program you can find here:


Earn 5 EUR for each person in program Letyshops (Letyshops cashback) | Earn Money Online

Earn 5 EUR for each person in program Letyshops (Letyshops cashback) | Earn Money Online

Want to earn 5 EUR for each person what you invite to the program and earn money on all orders what you making on the internet? If yes here is a simple solution on how to make it!

Create your account on LetyShops: https://www.from-zero-to-millionaire.com/go/link-letyshops-bonus/

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  • 02:37 Where you can use this cashback?
  • 05:19 How to get a 5 EUR bonus on Letyshops?
  • 06:29 How to get a referral link to the Letyshops program?
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