How to get cashback from shopping?

How to get cashback from shopping?

Are you making shopping online and want back some money from your order? This simple method helps you got some extra money from your shopping online.

How to get cashback from shopping on LetyShops?

What is LetyShops?

LetyShops is a webpage that share with you some commission what they got from shops for your orders.

At the moment they collaborate with over 2400 shops online – this is a huge amount of possibility to collect some money from your orders, what you doing every month.

How its work LetyShops?

To start to get cashback for yours to order you need to create your account in LetyShops.

Next login to your account and select one of over 2400 shops who collaborating with this platform.

Go to this shop used your dedicated link to this shop and make an order.

After complete purchases in the shop, you should see in LetyShops your cashback. This cashback on the beginning will be had status Pending and after confirmation from the shop, your order status will be changed.

LetyShops – orders and finance

How to create an account on LetyShops?

To create an account on LetyShops use this link who redirect you to this program.

How to create an account on LetyShops?

Supplement registration form available on the home page – e-mail address and password.

Next, you will be asked about your country and currency that you use.

The last step is to make verification of your account – you should be getting an e-mail with a link to confirm your account.

Browser extension from LetyShops

LetyShops has a plugin for browser who help collecting your cashback when you on shop who collaborating with this program.

In my opinion good to have installed this plugin to not forgot to use direct link and not lose cashback.

Browser extension from LetyShops

How to withdraw money from LetyShops?

At the moment money, you can withdraw in 2 way:

  • bank transfer (SEPA)
  • PayPal

To do this login to your account and:

  • Go to Settings
  • Next from left menu select option ” Withdraw funds”
  • In this page check are you have minimum to payout (in Poland it is 20,00 PLN it is around 5,00 USD)
  • Choose a withdrawal method
  • Supplement withdraw data
  • Wait for your money
How to withdraw money from LetyShops?

Loyalty program for regular customers in LetyShops?

For all user who wants to earn more money from each order is a prepared loyalty program.

What do you need to do?

Simple, you only need to make orders using this program every cashback that will be classified will be added to your status and if you collect enough money per every level you will be automatically added to a higher level.

The loyalty program has three levels:

  • LetyBronze — saved 40+ zł: +10% added to the basic cashback rate (around 10 USD)
  • LetySilver — saved 200+ zł: +20% added to the basic cashback rate (around 52 USD)
  • LetyGold — saved 600+ zł: +30% added to the basic cashback rate (around 156 USD)
Loyalty program for regular customers in LetyShops?

The referral program in LetyShops?

You can collect additional funds if you will be referring friends to use this program.

You’ll get 15% cashback from each order of users that register using your link.

The referral program in LetyShops?

Are you interested in earning money and cashback in this program?
Use my link to create your account and support my work!

How to earn money from Google Adsense?

Can we earn money from Google Adsense? My answer is – yes you can earn money with Google Adsense. In this article, I will show you how to do this.

How to earn money from Google Adsense?

Can you earn money from Google Adsense?

Yes, you can earn money with Google Adsense and I can show you how my payouts look from this program.

History of Payments from Google Adsense

How we can earn money in Google Adsense?

Google Adsense gives few options to earn in the program.

  1. The first and main options are ads on your blog/website.
  2. The second options are ads in your Youtube channel – so you can create videos and upload to Youtube and get commissions from an ad in this video.
  3. The third option is to create mobile applications and put inside ads (this option is for a person who can create mobile applications).

How to start earning money with Google Adsense?

To start to earn money first select one option and focus on this option. I recommend you to start creating a blog or create a Youtube channel.

How to create your first blog page?

Here a few simple tips on how to make it correctly.

  1. Find your topic/niche for content on your blog.
  2. Select some domain name and register domain.
  3. Select some hosting for your blog and buy one.
  4. For an engine to manage blog content I recommend you install WordPress. A lot of hosting company has some option to automaticity install WordPress on your hosting.
  5. You can start with the free theme available in WordPress. You can also search in WordPress market or internet sources other than a standard theme for your blog.
  6. Add module Yoast SEO who will be helpful to write better posts.
  7. Add module to add Google Adsense ad code to your blog.
  8. Create a few good articles with unique content.

Now when you have a blog with content you can create an account in Google Adsense and added your blog to Adsense program.

How to promote the blog to get better page views and more earning?

The first and main is to create good unique content for your blog. Because if your content will be useful for someone who will be reading this article his will be want to share this article with his friends because is valuable – and this is called virus marketing.

The second option to start building your audience is social media. Create an account on 2-3 social networks for beginning and start sharing your content there to get more audience on your blog. I can recommend you a couple of sources but you need to select what options are the best for your content:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinteres
  • tumbler
  • reddit

Quick information

Be persistent in this what you doing because you don’t start to earn in one day.

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