How Much Money Youtube Paid Me FIRST MONTH Monetized?

How Much Money Youtube Paid Me FIRST MONTH Monetized?

This is the revenue that generated my channel in the first month of monetization. After years of creating videos, I finally start earning money on this channel, and CPM in this niche makes look very promising for future productions and next month of earning.

📽 Video Timeline

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:07 How to enable monetization on YouTube?
  • 00:37 How long take me to start earning money at YouTube?
  • 01:31 How much money does YouTube pay me after the first month of monetization?
  • 03:20 What is my most profitable YouTube video and What has I had the highest CPM on Youtube so far?
  • 04:23 How to withdraw money from YouTube?
  • 06:26 Q&A
  • 06:30 Outro

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