How Much Money Youtube Paid Me FIRST MONTH Monetized?

This is the revenue that generated my channel in the first month of monetization. After years of creating videos, I finally start earning money on this channel, and CPM in this niche makes look very promising for future productions and next month of earning.

📽 Video Timeline

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:07 How to enable monetization on YouTube?
  • 00:37 How long take me to start earning money at YouTube?
  • 01:31 How much money does YouTube pay me after the first month of monetization?
  • 03:20 What is my most profitable YouTube video and What has I had the highest CPM on Youtube so far?
  • 04:23 How to withdraw money from YouTube?
  • 06:26 Q&A
  • 06:30 Outro

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