Revolut Learn Quiz: Oasis Correct Answers!

Revolut Learn Quiz: Oasis Correct Answers!

Revolut FREE Oasis Crypto. Make simple course with simple quiz about cryptocurrency and grab for FREE Oasis cryptocurrency from Revolut.

Revolut Learn Quiz: Oasis Correct Answers!

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Oasis Quiz Correct Answers

The Oasis test consists of 3 lessons, after which you will receive approximately 1,20 PLN in ROSE Cryptocurrency. Prize value may vary by country.

Lesson 1 – Intro to Oasis

  • Question 1: Why is the Oasis Network token named ROSE?
    • Answer: Roses symbolize privacy.
  • Question 2: When was the Oasis Network launched?
    • Answer: 2018
  • Question 3: Which of the following is an Oasis community programme?
    • Answer: All of the above.

Lesson 2 – How Oasis works

  • Question 1: How does Oasis achieve efficiency and confidentiality in its transactions?
    • Answer: By operating separate consensus and application layers.
  • Question 2: What secure computing technology does Oasis use?
    • Answer: Trusted Execution Environment.
  • Question 3: What name is given to Oasis computing environments that have a shared state?
    • Answer: Parallel Runtimes.

Lesson 3 – Oasis and Smart Privacy

  • Question 1: What problem does Oasis privacy solve?
    • Answer: Blockchain Privacy Dilemma.
  • Question 2: What does the Oasis Network build?
    • Answer: Smart privacy for dApps.
  • Question 3: What cross-chain privacy framework did Oasis build?
    • Answer: Oasis Privacy Layer.
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