Unraveling Success: Master the Sui Cryptocurrency Quiz on Revolut! Guaranteed Answers Inside!

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Revolut Learn Quiz: Sui Correct Answers!

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Sui Quiz Correct Answers

The Sui test consists of 4 lessons, after which you will receive approximately 1,60 PLN in SUI Cryptocurrency. Prize value may vary by country.

Lesson 1 – Intro to Sui

  • Question 1: What key features does Sui provide for blockchain users?
    • Answer: All of the above
  • Question 2: Which smart contract programming language does Sui use?
    • Answer: Move
  • Question 3: What’s the relationship between Sui and the Move programming language?
    • Answer: Answers 1 and 3

Lesson 2 – Sui architecture

  • Question 1: Which of these statements are true? Composability on Sui…
    • Answer: All of the above
  • Question 2: What makes ownership on Sui different from other blockchains?
    • Answer: It’s directly associated with the owner
  • Question 3: How does Move on Sui create safer apps?
    • Answer: All of the above

Lesson 3 – Sui’s user experience

  • Question 1: What is not part of Sui’s vision for better user experience (UX)?
    • Answer: Limiting user abilities
  • Question 2: What are two of the main barriers for users on the blockchain?
    • Answer: Wallets and gas fees
  • Question 3: Why does Sui provide tools for developers?
    • Answer: All of the above

Lesson 4 –SUI and the Sui ecosystem

  • Question 1: What is the SUl token not used for?
    • Answer: Proof-of-work
  • Question 2: What types of apps does Sui support?
    • Answer: All app types
  • Question 3: In what sectors can Sui be used to build new products and services?
    • Answer: All of the above

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