Earn up to 2000 USD in Trading 212!

Earn up to 2000 USD in Trading 212!

If you search for some option to earn additional money, I have for you some solution! In this video, I show how to ear up to 2000 USD on the affiliate program if you have lucky to get the maximum prize.

╰▶ Link to create an account on Trading 212: http://bit.ly/Trading212FZTM

? Video Timeline

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:31 What is the Trading 212 platform?
  • 01:08 How work app Trading 212?
  • 03:28 How work affiliate program in Trading 212?
  • 05:04 How to start earning up to 2000 USD?
  • 08:50 How to earn an additional bonus and earn up to 2100 UDS?
  • 09:20 How to find my referral link? – 09:28 How to create account o Trading 212 application?
  • 13:58 How to make verification of your identity on Trading 212?
  • 15:13 How to top up to minimal deposit your account on Trading 212?
  • 16:31 Good to know. Read the terms and conditions of this referral program!
  • 18:01 What to do if you don’t get your shares if you should be qualified to get your bonus free shares?
  • 19:02 Q&A! – 19:43 Check another video!

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