Notion Financial Tracker Template: Tutorial Step By Step How to Build You Own Financial Tracker

Notion Financial Tracker Template: Tutorial Step By Step How to Build You Own Financial Tracker

Notion Financial Tracker Template is my way to track all my income and expense. Easy way to know from what place money comes to you and where they are disappeared. A good option to plan your own budget!

In this video I will show how to build Financial Tracker Step By Step.

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Formulas for this template

Formula for column Average Profit in Annual Reports

prop("Incomes") - prop("Expenses")

Formula for column Status in Monthly Expenses

if(prop("Done"), "✅ Done", if(empty(prop("Day")), "❄️ This month", if(unaryPlus(formatDate(now(), "D")) < unaryPlus(prop("Day")) or prop("Year") > formatDate(now(), "Y") or prop("Month Number") > toNumber(formatDate(now(), "M")), "💧 Incoming", if(unaryPlus(formatDate(now(), "D")) == unaryPlus(prop("Day")), "💰 Pay Today", if(unaryPlus(formatDate(now(), "D")) > unaryPlus(prop("Day")), "🔥 Overdued", "😱 Error")))))

Formula for column Status in Loans Money for Family and Friends

if(prop("Archive"), "✅ Done", if(empty(prop("Loan Return Date")), "❌ Return date not set", if(prop("Loan Return Date") == now(), "❄️ Pay Today", if(prop("Loan Return Date") < now(), "🔥 Overdued", if(prop("Loan Return Date") > now(), "💧 Incoming", "😱 Error")))))

Formula for column Left in Loans/Installments

if(empty(prop("End")) == false, prop("Amount") - prop("Sum Paid"), 0)

📽 Timeline

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:24 Beginning Creating Financial Tracking in Notion
  • 01:01 How to create Annual reports section?
  • 05:14 How to create Monthly Income section?
  • 11:34 How to connect Monthly Incomes to Annual Reports to see Yearly Incomes?
  • 14:14 How to prepare Partners Programs sections and assign this item to Monthly Incomes?
  • 20:15 How to create Monthly Expenses sections?
  • 28:56 How to connect Monthly Expenses with Annual Report?
  • 29:24 How to write formula for Average Profit in Annual Reports?
  • 30:17 How to create Subscription database and to connect this database with Monthly Expenses?
  • 34:03 How to create formula for status in Monthly Expenses?
  • 35:02 How set sorting and filtering in Monthly Expenses?
  • 39:05 How to create section with Monthly Expenses for a Flat?
  • 41:06 How to create section with Loans for Family and Friends?
  • 46:26 How to create section with Loans in Financial Tracker?
  • 54:30 Q&A
  • 54:45 Outro

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